Releasing the Artist Pablo Hernandez

I became aware of the Artist Pablo Hernandez a few months ago through a short film titled, “Pablo: The Artist Within” produced and directed by Noah DeBonisis.

Pablo was arrested at 16 years old and became a man in a Cuban Forced Labor Camp where many intellectuals were held as political prisoners. His interest in art and music continued developing through the years inside the camp.

Inside Pablo’s mind was a place the Communist could not get in, there was a place where Pablo was free to go and explore another world, a place where creativity had no boundaries.

Pablo’s hands were not only blessed to play some of the most beautiful classical music you will ever hear but he was also blessed with the grand ability to paint.

We’ll hear about how Pablo reached US soil and how he began to receive the appreciation, recognition and respect that he dreamed of for his work.

You can also watch Pablo speak about his passion for art being both a painter as well as a pianist in a short documentary titled ‘Expressions of a Modern Minstrel’ by Roberto Cayuso.

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  1. pablo es una persona muy sencible muy buena persona y aqui en facebook le tenemos mucho aprecio

  2. I wish I could have heard the whole program, but I was at work during the first part. What I did hear I really enjoyed- especially the music. Pablo is a very talented entertainer. Athough many parts of his life were extremely hard and difficult it all contibuted to making him who he is today-a great guy!

  3. Para su pronta divulgacion
    El proximo sabado 25 de mayo, la galeria Carlos Rafael Fine Art, 7223 SW 48 St. Miami, Fl. 33155, servira de marco para la celebracion del XXXIII Aniversario del Exodo del Mariel, donde exhibiremos trabajos de pintores cubanos llegados al exilio en estas fechas.
    Para mas informacion, por favor contactar a Miguel Ordoqui

    Artistas confirmados que participaran:
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    Carlos Alfonso, Humberto Dionisio, Jose Ramon Morales
    Evelio Taillacq. Maestro de ceremonia
    Buffet . cortesia Yoyitos Restaurante

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