Abdias Ernesto Garcia

Abdias Ernesto Garcia is a folk experimentalist from Puerto Rico who adorns his roots as a percussionist with a sensibility for poetry and culture. Combining different genres into one cohesive package, Abdias fuses magnetic and hypnotizing soulful grooves, mesmerizing vocals that create a lushful landscape of multi-cultural sounds. He has understood and spoken the universal language of music since the tender age of 2 when he began playing percussion on his grandma’s pots and pans. Abdias has been living in the experiment of life and music from the days of his youth when his uncles introduced him to some of the greatest musical concoctions in their 78 Vinyl records to currently producing albums for performing artists in his Orlando, Florida Studio, Abdias has soundly embraced music as a part of himself in his lifelong journey. Abdias began to build his artistry from scratch through winning talent shows and international competitions including Sabado Gigante & Juventud Vibra, studying at La Escuela Libre de Puerto Rico as he trained and played with the likes of Tito Puente & Giovanni Hidalgo, also performing in concert halls with Awilda Carbia (a prominent Puerto Rican Comedian), working alongside musical director Tito Curet Alonso, performing with El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, and playing on stage with Willie Colon. Abdias’ latest release entitled “Mas Colores y Menos Horrores” (More Colors and Less Horrors) presents ten new original songs that highlight his personal growth as he continues to explore the experimental acoustic sound that has become a trademark for the passionate songwriter. He approaches this album with elegance and simplicity that allows the listener to become a part of the conversation not just a listener. Now touring with his wife and two sons throughout the United States and the Caribbean performing and offering workshops on drumming and improvisation.

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