Becky Blanton – The Year I was Homeless

If you were down and out, could you see yourself being on top and motivating others? That is exactly what happened to Becky Blanton, a true story of a woman who lost almost everything but hope and the desire to thrive in life.

Becky Blanton’s father died from a brain Cancer in February 2006. At the time, Becky was the editor of a small town newspaper in Colorado. Becky quit her job, bought an old van and decided to hit the road and freelance her way around the country. Things didn’t work out quite the way she planned. The van was old, her freelance work (photographer) ran out, Becky could not get a living wage job, and the only way to survive without having to give up her companions, the  Rottweiler and cat, was to live in the van and work a temp job. So she did for a little over a year.

The road to TED Global.

In 2006 Becky Blanton was living in a Walmart parking lot in a stripped out 1975 Chevy van with her Rottweiler and a house cat. In 2009 she was speaking at TED Global at Oxford University in England, courtesy of best selling author and former vice presidential speech writer, Dan Pink. Becky says that “no one in this world gets anywhere without the help, caring and support of others”

It is an honor to have as a guest Becky Blanton. Please feel free to call in with any questions or comments. Open Mic.

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