HoKamLO with ALICE and RONGGOWISNU 1/25/2013


Hokamlo with Alice and Ronggowisnu


When Ronggowisnu Prihadi and Alice Leonz married they took a break from their music career for almost a decade to dedicate time to their family. But their passion for music never ceased, Ron and Alice decided to start over and continue their dream of making music. Their band played Jazz, Fusion and Funk. Previously Ronggo played and taught Jazz Piano but when he returned to music his instrument of choice was the guitar.  His wife, Alice began her music career when she was very young, her basic vocal education was Opera Serio. Alice sang solo gospel and with her church choir. She also sang at various music festivals in her native Indonesia and later joined Ronggo’s band as lead vocalist.

The couple began exploring their music opportunities, meeting and making friends with musicians around the world. In their search for new and innovative musical projects Ron and Alice met Music Producer Raul Rodriguez Jr. from Miami Florida, the trio worked on several projects together taking their talents to an all-time high.

Producer Raul Rodriguez Jr has been producing music and company jingles for over 30 years. Rodriguez has collaborated on albums and projects with musicians around the globe: Sugarcane Rush: “Taste of the Island”, 3 Dreamers and a Horse, A NOT Ordinary Christmas Album” and numerous others. Raul and the Sugarcane Rush band also contributed to Cubanarama Radio Show by gifting the theme song “Cubanarama. Raul also wrote and produced the theme song for the internet radio show: “Behind the Yellow Tape” Hosted by JoeyOrtega.

Ron and Alice’s newest and most exciting project is HoKamLo, a story’s backdrop is set in a distant Earth during the rule of the Han Dynasty (206 – 220 BC) and takes place on the legendary trading route called “the Silk Road” This is a universe where all that humans believe or have believed truly exists. It’s a strict order that places a “Supreme Being” as the ultimate “God of gods” and at the feet of The Supreme…a long list of lesser gods, devils, demons, and angels. There are also beings that are celestial or supernatural in nature, who are neither human nor Gods but rather mark an ascension of human kind. An example of what they all can achieve ‘if they are good enough’.

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