Mike “In The Night” Triay

Mike “In The Night” Triay Funeral Service Tonight at 6pm.  He was a special guest host on the show and a good friend – We will miss him!

He came alive behind the microphone, a place where his looks, his weight didn’t matter.   Where he would be judged solely on the sound of his voice and what he had to say.  An unmistakable voice, heard by hundreds of thousands of people on commercials, on the airwaves and from nightclubs all over Miami since the early 80s. A voice that could inspire and motivate anyone who heard it, to immediately  get up and dance. The nightclubs needed him, he WAS the party.

In 1995 he would produce the hit record “Macarena ( Bayside Boys Remix )” on RCA records, allowing him to construct a state of the art recording studio in West Miami.  He followed with hit “Caliente” and continued to record countless of local and national artists.

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