This show will be rescheduled next year since Rodolfo is traveling over sea’s.

Rodolfo Chacon was born on November 29, 1942 in San Antonio de los Banos, Havana, Cuba. He was integrated in 1968 to the National Opera Theater in Cuba for 11 years. His dedication and gifted talents awarded him status as one of Cuba’s finest Tenors, enabeling him to travel abroad to Brazil, Spain, Italy, China, Korea and many other countries, performing the following, Operas, Operetas and Zarzuelas during his Career as a Tenor: Fidelio Rita, Payaso, La Esclava, Caballeria Rusticana, Halka, Bodas de Figaro, Madame Mutterfly, Tosca, Barbero de Sevilla, Rigoletto, Traviata, Trovador, La Viuda Alegre, El Murcielago, Eva, La Princesa de Baltavarin, La Casta Susana, Al Caballino Blanco, La Scugnizza, Luisa Fernanda, Dona Francisquita, Marina, La del Soto del Parral.
Rodolfo Chacon also became known as one of the finest Maestros of Voice in Cuba and to date has helped many students reach unprecedented heights in their own careers as singers. His teaching techniques encouraged many talented youth groups in Cuba to participate in a Program, titled, “La Dulce Quemera”, which was founded to teach children the art of song and voice techniques, while preserving Cuban Musical Roots, teaching children some of the most famous and greatest songs ever composed by Cuban songwriters.
For the first time in his career, Rodolfo Chacon will be performing in Miami in a series of “Hope to Heal Events, benefiting children who have lost all hope.
He strongly believes that Music & Art emit powerful healing vibrations for heart, mind and soul.
Together with The Versatile Group of Hollywood, Rodolfo hopes to teach at least 8 children who have lost all hope, how to sing and perform during the main event in December 2012 in Miami.
For more information about Rodolfo Chacon please contact The Versatile Group of Hollywood at 954-274-7538


  1. dear sir i saw senor perform with a group of children i we have a mutual friend in juan carlos ortega and was surprised to learn of him onthis web page n the las yagrumas hotel san antonioded lo banos .i was interested to hear how their life is now in 2013 with kind regards to denor cachon and hope he remembers meeting me with gorin at the hotel

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