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A glimpse of what is to come from the author’s own mouth: I was born in Eastern Canada to a family of modest means, but with deep roots dating back to the Mayflower. My ancestor in Massachusetts, though, only lasted a couple of weeks before coming into fatal contact with the local inhabitants, but thankfully his children arrived after and propagated profusely.

I studied English Literature at the University of New Brunswick and generally interacted quite well with some much smarter people. Indeed a couple of my profs awarded me their highest marks. But literary criticism is a hard subject in which to get really great marks (especially near the home of Northrup Frye) so I didn’t proceed onto reading the laws. Which may have been a good thing for both me and lawyerin’.

I tried soldiering, but that just proved that I was a bad shot and had a slight problem with authority (since resolved). So I entered the business world and have spent considerable amounts of my own time and other people’s money travelling to fascinating places and meeting interesting people.

After my brother died in the 90’s, I became a prominent infectious disease activist and was interviewed by about every major newspaper, television and  radio station in Canada. We almost caused a downfall of our government by forcing a vote of non-confidence in Parliament and got a billion dollar plus guilt payment to the victims of the disease with which our family members had been criminally afflicted.

Since these days of action, I’ve been active in politics and have become one of those reportedly shady characters that spend their days plotting sedition in smoky rooms. I’ve met any number of prominent political bigwigs, have the confidence of several and commonly get called on to make something happen, get something done or help get someone elected or defeated.

Brian Lloyd French – “I’ve traveled there regularly for the last 10 years and have not spent my time on resorts but with Cubans – most with a story to tell and many with nefarious means of getting around the Castros’ rules. Some are dangerous. And my contacts with Cuban exiles in the US have educated me on the complicated politics that exist with the place as well as with some great vignettes to add to the plot. I’ve even interviewed a Bay of Pigs veteran.

“Mojito reveals some stories about the Castros that have not been told before and Cuban politics are gathering as much attention now as it has at any time in the past. This is a great time for “Mojito”. “

The Book – Mojito

Alec McCaul is a sinister security operative living in Havana, hired by the CIA to do a threat profile on the faltering Cuban regime. He connects with his mission partner, Lucien Ruel, a deadly commando with ulterior motives. Then he runs into his lost flame Kate Adams, now a reporter with CNN. Together, with an heroic Cuban chopper pilot, a street kid and the head of Havana’s mafia, McCaul and Kate dodge Cuba’s security apparatus and find a terrorist camp in the mountains. When a Miami Herald reporter is killed by the Cuban secret police, the White House is in a panic. Over the course of a week Alec and Kate take on the Castro regime, Islamic terrorists, the CIA and barely manage to survive the treacherous outcome.

I will donate 1/4 of my income from sales of Mojito! to las Damas de Blanco, the women in white who protest the imprisonment of their men in Fidel’s jails.

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