EL OPEN HOUSE 10/24/2012


El Open House is a film dedicated to the music produced and performed by outstanding artists who have composed the soundtrack of our lives. The Cuban experience of exiles growing up in Miami.Their story was their own but it has reached and touched all of us throughout the USA and the world, the influence of Cuban music cannot be ignored.

My guests: Director, Producer Joe Cardona & Miami Radio personality, Mike In The Night. Musicians featured in the film will be calling in to share their memories.

Featured bands:

Hansel and Raul, Willy Chirino, The Judges Nephews, Emilio & Gloria Estefan, Clouds with Frankie Marcos, Miguel Martin, Jose “Pepe” Campos, Alex Cobos, The Antiques, Peter Fernandez, Coke, Eloy Cepero, Orquesta Tipica Tropical, Flager Street-Carlos Montiel, Gustavo Rojas, Opus, Grupo Alma, Clockwork, Carlos Oliva, Mantrap and many more.


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