After almost  a decade of a break from music Rongo and Alice returned and continued the journey of their dream, making music again. Alice leonz  began her music career when she was very young. Alice sang solo gospel and with her choir. She also sang at various music festivals in her native Indonesia and later joined Ronggo’s Band to take the position as a lead vocals. Alice continued performing in local music events, festivals and teaching. After their break from music, the couple began exploring music opportunities, making friends and collaborating on projects. They met fellow musician Raul Rodriguez Jr. from Miami Florida. Raul Rodriguez Jr has been in the music business for 30 years, running a successful Recording Studio, he has produced many artists, made company jingles, collaborated on albums and projects with musicians around the globe: 3 Dreamers and a Horse, Sucarcane Rush, “Taste of the Island” Raul and the band contributed to the Cubanarama Radio Show by gifting the theme song “Cubanarama.” Joey Ortega, host of “Behind The Yellow Tape” is also grateful for the amazing theme song Raul orchestrated for his new show. Ari Lepisto, a great bass player from Pietarsaari of Finland also joined and worked on the new CD. Dreamwalkers Project has a variety of music: Jazz, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Rock, World Music, but best of all it is the music they love.

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