Guest Host; Monica Rosales, Exec Dir of DocMiami

Guest Star: Tito Puente Jr. the son of legendary Tito Puente.

God blessed us with the musical geniality of the father but did not abandon us when Tito left us, he gave us the son to remind us of our roots, to unite the Latin & American cultures, to restore vitality and teach us to dance again with the innosence of our ancerstors.

There is something of forever in the Latin rythms of Tito Puente Jr. Sophisticated audiences appreciate it, younger crowds are proud to have the legacy and tradition.

The younger Puente speaks MAMBO with his hands, the language spoken with the Gods by the African slaves taken to Cuba in their native Kongo.

The legacy and mission of keeping 18th & 19th Century music alive  could not have been given to a better messenger, one who has polished and made “Mambo” music to cherrish for centuries to come.

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