VonJanic-Legend of Arlage- Tahd VonJanic prepares to serve his Kingdom on the Northern Frontier, as King Fahren begins to tire of the responsibilities of the Throne.  Elements within the Kingdom are tiring of Fahren as well.  Will the peoples’ attempt at self determination endanger their culture?  Join the author as he weaves a spellbinding tale of intrigue, power, romance and deception in this, the first of the VonJanic trilogy.  It will satisfy the hunger of your imagination, yet leave you eager to taste more. Loyalty, betrayal, charity, jealousy, love and loathing season the colorful lives of those who call the Kingdom their home.  Prepare to feast on the banquet that is Arláge.  It’s everywhere you’ve been, like no place you’ve seen.  Watch for the cinematic release!






2 comments on “AUTHOR J C BOTTENSEK 6/23/2011

  1. Sorry, John, but I can’t receive your presentation. I have the header page, but your pitch will not come through; just music.

  2. We were cut off tonight at the end of J C Bottensek’s interview. I called the author at home and we have arranged to tape a half an hour to wrap up this interview. The show will be edited and you will be able to hear our final thoughts. Will post the half an hour show when we book it, so you can hear it live.

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