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In her own words: I am very proud of my grandfather Col. Cornelio Rojas, he is my hero, he is the person that I admire the most in the world. I say that he is because even though he is deceased, he lives in my heart. He was executed in front of a firing squad by orders of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro for simply being a high ranking officer for the previous government. His execution in 1959 was very famous because he was executed without a trial, he was taken prisoner the beginning of Jan. 1959 and executed Jan 8th. When in front of the firing squad, he was asked if he wished to be blind folded, but he refused, instead he asked if he could give the firing orders which were granted.

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  1. Hola! Col. Cornelio Rojas era mi tio. Me gustaria ponerme en contacto con Barbara, porque me parece fantastico que encontre familia que no conocia. Yo tambien comparto las ideas anti-communistas y anti-castro, y me enorgullece encontrar a otros con esa passion como yo. Mi abuelo Humberto Rojas, nieto de Guillermo Rojas, fue preso politico y exiliado. Por favor mandame un e-mail para saber de ustedes.

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