A Not Ordinary Christmas 12/22/2010

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A NOT Ordinary Christmas Album” is now available in CD format from select CD Warehouse Stores and on-line from Reverbnation as a CD, downloadable album or ringtones: http://www.reverbnation.com/anotordinarychristmas. As well, thirty eight on-line stores worldwide carries the album available for download and ringtones…check ’em out. The album will be playing in various venues in the city of Kitchener,Ontario during the holiday season and in Cole’s Bookstore in the largest west-end shopping Centre in Ottawa, Ontario…more to come. “A NOT Ordinary Christmas” consists of 38 musicians, singers, arrangers, producers and mixers from ten countries singing the lyrics of Casia, a lyricist from Ottawa, Canada (Canada, USA, Sweden, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and South Africa). The album consists of 45+ minutes of playing time in a fusion of genres from jazz to pop to blues to wacky punk rock and in between. Each song is like opening up a present as you don’t quite know what to expect from song to song. Fans have enjoyed trying to figure out what countries each of the artists are from on each song because the influences are so varied and so mixed together…a bit of sultry Belgium vocals, crazy British humor and Europop guitar riffs makes this album something unique. This entire album was completed on-line through two virtual studios, Kompoz and MusiciansCollaboration by artists who have never met face-to-face but who have become good friends through the power of the internet. A true example of the New Music Paradigm at work. So if you decide to buy an album from Susan Boyle or Mariah Carey this year, make sure you check out “A NOT Ordinary Christmas” as well as you may be pleasantly surprised .. a nice addition to your Christmas collection, definitely something worth talking about.

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  2. Gracias Armando! Siempre deseandote a ti y a tu familia lo mejor del mundo. Que Dios siempre los cuide y los ampare, aunque ya sabemos que el esta de tu parte! Que todo lo que te propongas este aNo se haga realidad…

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