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Martin Crespo,Founder of Holistic Interventions, is a trained Reike Master, psychic and energy healer. His book “Messenger For The Guardians” is a must have. His services include: Long Distance Reading, Angel Reading, Traditional Reike, Intuitive Reike Healing, Home and Business Energy Balancing, Lectures and Workshops, Meditation Training and Personal Tapes.

3 comments on “HOLISTIC INTERVENTIONS with MARTIN CRESPO 11/15/2009

  1. Martin please e mail me the workshops that are coming up also my 23year old daughter has terrible panic attacks emotionally and now physically please let me know if u can help her my phone number is 7862531548thx u still are ala to me

  2. Muy Buenas Tardes, Sr. Martin CRESPO. Acabo de escuchar de Ud, una muy querida amiga y residente de NY me comento q’ tubo la experiencia del “Angel Reading” con Ud.
    Si estoy interesada en conocer de sus servicios de Reike. Estoy muy confidente que me ayudara en diferentes areas de mi vida. MUCHAS GRACIAS, por el hermoso legado q’ le esta dando a la humanidad.


    Isabel RODRIGUEZ

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